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  1. McDonald's claims it was short-changed over Metro Tunnel project plans

    McDonald's launches legal action over the acquisition of its Swanston St store for the Metro Tunnel works, saying it was short-changed more than $40 million.

  2. Devi Barker was told she owed $8,000 to Centrelink. She couldn't prove otherwise

    The longest-serving member of Australia's government review tribunal compares the Department of Human Services' automated debt recovery program to being asked for money by the Mafia.

  3. John Travolta taking a break from filming to deliver his Qantas 707 to Wollongong

    A special flight permit will be granted to allow the Hollywood film star's luxury Boeing to fly to Wollongong in November where it will be donated to an aviation museum.

  4. Australia's largest dairy VDL in turmoil again as staff raise animal welfare concerns

    Australia's largest dairy loses its senior management and a number of other staff pen a letter raising animal welfare concerns, just a year after the entire board resigns.

  5. Bank jobs shed as big four slim down

    Thousands of jobs have been lost as banks shrink back from their peak size to meet lower revenue growth and increased compliance costs, with thousands more set to go as automation increases.

  6. New concern over Boeing 737 MAX could delay return

    A simulator test uncovers another potential fault in the jet, and it remains unclear whether the problem that led to the grounding of the fleet is with software or microprocessors.

  7. Markets on edge ahead of Trump-Xi trade talks at G20, Bitcoin surges past $US13,000

    Global markets traded cautiously ahead of trade talks between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, at the G20 summit in Japan.

  8. Miner dies after wall collapse in third fatal mining accident in central Queensland in six months

    Work is suspended at a central Queensland coal mine after a man died when a wall collapsed and trapped him inside the digger he was using. The incident is the third fatal accident in six months.