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  1. King Island surfers determined to protect their waves from salmon farms

    Surfers take to the water at King Island in a protest to tell salmon farmers that "they don't have any social licence to come and invade our waters".

  2. Former Timor-Leste leader expects Australia to pay back 'millions' in oil revenue

    Jose Ramos-Horta, one of the founding fathers of Timor-Leste, is confident that Australia will return millions of dollars generated from oil fields that belong to the developing South-East Asian country under a yet-to-be-ratified international agreement signed a year ago.

  3. Nadia held baby girl as she took her last breath and 'went limp' on AirAsia flight

    A Perth woman who held a stranger's two-month-old baby as she died in her arms aboard an international flight describes the incident as "the most confronting situation one could possibly go through".

  4. Fremantle shop owner wins 64-year legal fight to build a bike shed on his footpath

    It started with an application to build a bike shed. Now, after a legal fight that originated in 1955, 87-year-old Antonio Iraci triumphs over the City of Fremantle in a battle that is set to land the council with a huge legal bill.

  5. Baby dies on AirAsia flight to Perth after 'medical emergency' on board

    The crew of flight D7236 called in an emergency involving a two-month-old infant before the AirAsia plane arrived at Perth International Airport from Kuala Lumpur early this morning.

  6. Business lobby group calls for IR freeze until new senators take office

    Business lobbyist the Ai Group is urging current senators not to vote for any industrial relations changes if the next federal government introduces them to Parliament before the new senators take office on July 1.

  7. Horse program teaches employment skills, responsibility to detained youth

    Detainees at the NT's Don Dale Youth Detention Centre are learning invaluable work and life skills through a new equine husbandry and riding program.

  8. Woollen socks run in this family — all the way back to 1730

    When the Lindners began researching their family's history in making woollen socks, they discovered a long thread of tradition stretching back to 18th century Germany.