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  1. Joint Strike Fighter price coming down: Lockheed Martin

    The company making the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter says the aircraft's price is falling, despite concerns raised in the US about cost blowouts.

  2. Australian War Memorial's Lone Pine a living memorial to Anzacs

    From pine cones collected by an Australian soldier at Gallipoli grows a living memorial to the Anzac campaign.

  3. ATSB rules out link of metal material to MH370

    The Australian Transport Safety Bureau does not believe material found on a beach in WA's south-west is connected to the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

    The material was found on a beach in Augusta yesterday by a member of the public and handed to police.

    ATSB spokesman Martin Dolan has ruled out any link with MH370.

    "We've carefully examined detailed photographs that were taken for us by the police, and we're satisfied that it's not a lead in terms of the search for MH370," he said.