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Aussiesrus Affiliates Program

As of the 1st of June 2010 Aussiesrus are introducing the Aussiesrus Affiliates Program or AAP. This is a program designed to offer incentives to Multi Site Web Design Companies / SEO Companies / Marketing Agencies that will use any of our paid listing submission options or advertising options for their clients to share in the profits via a discount system.


What Aussiesrus services does it include?

The AAP discount rate includes ALL our paid listing options and advertising services.


How much discount can an Aussiesrus Affiliate Member expect?

The discount rate for AAP members is 30%.


So how does it work?

The AAP offers affiliates a 30% discount on ALL our paid listing options and advertising services. This gives Aussiesrus affiliate members a 30% markdown margin to play with. Affiliates can choose to keep the total discount or share the discount with their customers as an incentive to buy our services from our Affliliates.

For example: Featured Listings

  • Our recommended price for a featured listing is $200 + GST = $220.00 total cost chargable to the customer per annum.
  • AAP member discount brings this cost down to $140 + GST = $154.00.
  • The affiliates can make a 30% profit by charging the customer the full price and earn revenue of  $60.00 via the discount for each featured listing they sell.
  • Affiliates can also pass this saving to secure discounted products for their customers
  • Unlimited available purchases at the AAP discount rate.


Why is the new AAP for Members so good?

The AAP works far more reliably from an AAP members point of view in that AAP members know exactly how much revenue is expected, keep the discounted amount instantly and are in full control of their own revenues.

There is no guessing "how much" revenue will be generated or "when" you will get paid. Its instantaneous and in the AAP members full control. There is no minimum threshold. You share in the profits from the very first purchase.


How much does it cost to become an AAP member?

There is no charge to become a Selected AAP Member.


How do I apply to become an AAP member?

To become an a AAP member send an email to the Sales Manager. If approved we will send you your personal AAP member discount code.