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  1. Canal jumper released on bail
    AN 18-year-old man who jumped into a canal at Surfers Paradise to avoid being arrested by police on Wednesday night has been granted bail.
  2. Broadie has it all
    BROADBEACH has come of age and it has everything – the beach, the parks, the waterways, the casino, the restaurants and of course amazing shopping at Pacific Fair.
  3. Tony Abbott: ‘Change is imminent’
    FORMER Prime minister Tony Abbott has made intersting comments on the state of the Liberal Party, and its future.
  4. Samsung will no longer make Note7
    SAMSUNG has permanently ended production of the Galaxy Note7 smartphone, revealing it would not make any more of its one-time flagship device.
  5. Man’s five-day crime spree
    A MAN who has allegedly been responsible for at least five shooting incidents since Thursday was arrested in dramatic scenes yesterday.
  6. Terror strikes in Munich
    AT LEAST eight people are dead after gunmen opened fire at a shopping mall in Munich, in what German police say “looks like a terrorist attack”.
  7. ‘It’s still a prison. I feel like an animal’
    REACTION to the first TV crew’s story to emerge from Nauru tonight ranged from stunned to cynical. And it was a surprise to Australia’s Immigration minister.
  8. ‘Dam may spill’ as heavy rain hits
    THE wild weather is far from over in Sydney and southern NSW, with a major dam full to bursting as another downpour begins.