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How do I add a listing?

First you must be registered. Registration is FREE, private and confidential. Aussiesrus will not sell your confidential information to any third party. Once you are registered you are allowed one FREE standard listing per website url to place in a locality category of your choice provided the listing is category related.

Login and then go to our Directory page and select the State > locality then category which best suits your listing. Click on the "Add your listing here" link then fill out the details, click submit and your done.

Standard Free listings must be placed in your locality/suburb. If you wish to list in a state or city sub-category you will need to purchase an "Extra Listing".

*Important* Your Locality is determined by your postcode.

Free listing submissions that are not placed in the correct locality according to their postcode will be rejected. You must place your free listing submission according to your business postcode.

Standard Free listings that are not placed in their correct locality and not using their registered business email address will be rejected without notification.

The E-mail field is how potential customers can contact you. Make sure to enter your business email address in the correct field.

SAMPLE ONLY to add a listing

Australian Business Directory add listing sample 

Listing Fields Descriptions:

Required Required Fields            Optional Optional Fields  

Required  Name  =  Name of business, club, organisation, association etc.
Required  Description  =  Information which best describes your business, club and your services etc.
Required  Website  =  Your websites url. example...
Required  Address  =  Business address.
Required  City  =  City/Suburb location of business.
Required  State  =  EG: NSW, QLD, TAS, WA, SA, VIC, NT or ACT.
Required  Country  =  Australia
Required  Postcode  =  Your 4 digit postcode
Required  Telephone  =  (area code) number EG: (02) 9123-4567
Optional  Voip Phone  =  (area code) Number EG: (02) 9765-4321
Optional  Mobile  =  Number EG: 9999-888-777
Optional  Fax  =  (area code) number EG: (02) 9123-4567
Required  Email  =  my website contact email address
Optional  Service Area  =  EG : Local. Choose local only if servicing your suburb or region.
Optional  Local Area  =  EG: Hurstville. Enter Suburb, Region or Municipality if choosing local option above.
Optional  Promotion video  =  youtube url for promotional video of your business or groups etc 
Required  Terms and Conditions  =  I have read the Terms and Conditions

Note: To add an image requires a Thumbnail Enhancement purchase. See our shop for more details about listing options to give your business website the respect your business deserves.
Once your information is complete click on the submit button. All listings will then be forwarded to our administrative department for approval.