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Aussiesrus is a human edited directory

This ensures that the quality of data in our directory is of the highest standard possible.

Every listing is screened to make sure it meets our strict quality guidelines. So when your listing is accepted by Aussiesrus you can be confident you're in a quality directory.


Membership has its rewards

tick Aussiesrus provide free standard listings and free membership.
tick We provide free newsletters with useful tips and special offers which helps your business to grow.
tick Having your website listed in Aussiesrus is like having a free advertisement on the internet which can be viewed by many millions around the globe.
tick When you combine your listing with a Youtube video its just like having your own TV advertisement on the internet.

All for free.


Listing your website with Aussiesrus is fast and easy

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to sign up and add your listing.
Its as easy as 1-2-3.

button-blue-number1Register and activate your membership.

button-blue-number2Click on the "Add your listing here" link in your locality.

button-blue-number3Fill out the form, click the submit button and your done.

How easy is that!

Considering signing up and submitting your listing just takes 5-10 minutes of your time to start enjoying the benefits of free membership you'd have to be crazy not to list on Aussiesrus. 


Security and Privacy

Aussiesrus do not share your private information with anyone. Nothing is worse than signing up on a website to find out your information has been passed around to all their affiliates and your email box becomes filled with junk emails. At Aussiesrus we make sure you don't have these types of hassles. Once in a while we will send you one email filled with useful information. We understand that running a business is your priority. Not wasting time clearing out your junk box.