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Four types of backlinks that your website can get

"Backlinks are still the most important factor when it comes to high rankings on Google."

Backlinks are still the most important factor when it comes to high rankings on Google. If you want to see your website on Google's first result page, then you must make sure that your site has as many good backlinks as possible.

There are 4 different types of text links that can appear on a web page. You can use all of them to create a powerful backlink profile that will strengthen the position of your website on Google:

four different backlink types

1. The informational backlink

Informational backlinks lead to pages that offer more information related to the words that are linked in the text.

For example, you could write about the websites with the most backlinks in 2011. The linked text goes to a page that contains the details.

How to get informational backlinks to your website:

  • Use the "Find websites by keyword search" option in the "Add sites" command in IBP's link manager.
  • Search for "keyword +resources" and similar phrases to find websites that deal with the topic of your website and then suggest the linkable content of your site as a resource.

2. The definitional backlink

Definitional backlinks provide an extended definition of the linked words.

How to get definitional backlinks to your website:

  • Create a detailed glossary that explains the terminology of your branch and make these pages easy to find. People who write about your branch will link to your glossary to define the terms.

3. The referential backlink

Referential backlinks are used for source citation: the Swedish website with the most backlinks in 2011 was follows at third place.

How to get referential backlinks:

  • Create linkable content on your web pages. This could be infographics, statistics, etc.
  • Use the blog search command in IBP's link manager to find blogs that are related to your business. Inform them about your linkable resources.

4. The promotional backlink

Promotional links are backlinks that go to a landing page: How to get top 10 rankings on Google with a single software tool that helps you with all aspects of SEO.

How to get promotional backlinks:

  • Use the link manager in IBP to find sites that are related to your site.
  • Barter with other websites. If they link to your site, you could link to their site. Offer other incentives to link to your site (free product samples, etc.).
  • Use the "Find related blogs" command in IBP's link manager and ask the found bloggers for a review of your site.

The backlinks of your website determine the position of your web pages on Google. Use the link manager in IBP to get more backlinks to your site. If you want to get a detailed overview of the backlinks of your own website (and the backlinks of your competitors, analyze your backlinks with SEOprofiler.

23 August 2011
Article by Axandra SEO software