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The top result on Google gets over 36% of all clicks

"A new study of Optify shows how important it is to get a high position in Google's search results. The top results get an average click-through rate of 36.4%."

A new study of Optify shows how important it is to get a high position in Google's search results. The top results get an average click-through rate of 36.4%. The number of searches and the cost per click for a keyword also influence the clicks. What does this mean to your search engine optimization activities?

What are the exact numbers?

According to Optify, the web pages on position one get a click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4%. Position 2 gets a CTR of 12.5%. The CTR's for position 3-10 are 9.5%, 7.9%, 6.1%, 4.1%, 3.8%, 3.0%, 2.2%. The top results get as many clicks as results 2-5 combined:

Image by Optify

Surprisingly, position 11 gets slightly more clicks than position 10. That's probably because position 11 is the top result on page 2.

The cost per click for AdWords ads and the CTR are related

According to the study, keywords that have a high cost per click (CPC) on Google AdWords have a lower CTR for the organic results.

The first organic result for a keyword with a high CPC gets less than 20% of the clicks. The first result for keywords with a low CPC gets more than 30% of the clicks.

The search volume also influence the click-through rates

According to the study, keywords with many searches get a higher CTR for position one (32% for popular keywords versus 25% for long tail keywords).

Long tail terms keywords have a better overall CTR on page one (9% average CTR for long tail keywords versus 4.6% average CTR for popular keywords).

What does this mean for your search engine optimization campaigns?

These numbers have several implications for your SEO campaigns:

1. Popular keywords are even more competitive than they seem

If you're optimizing your web pages for very competitive keywords then you won't see huge benefits until you get in the top 5 results.

2. It makes sense to optimize for long tail keywords

Long tail keywords have several advantages:

  • they are much more targeted than popular keywords and you will get a much higher conversion rate
  • it is much easier to get high rankings for a long tail keyword because there is less competition
  • you will get more visitors through long tail keywords (unless you are in the top 5 results for a popular keyword)

For most businesses, getting page 1 rankings for a lot of long tail keywords is much easier and more valuable than getting high rankings for a few popular keywords.

3. High rankings are important

Ranking on the first result page for a keyword that is related to your business is still more valuable than anywhere else. The higher the position, the better.

The Top 10 Optimizer in IBP will help you to get your website on Google's first result page for as many keywords as possible. Start with targeted long tail keywords to get as many customers as possible and then proceed to the more competitive keywords to maximize the number of website visitors.

26 April 2011
Article by Axandra SEO software