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  • All listees must be registered on the Aussiesrus website.

  • When registering for membership users must enter their full name. Business names or first names only will not be accepted when registering for membership.

  • Registration is limited to one registration per person, business, club, association, organisation or interest group.

  • All registered users must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Websites submitted for listings must be in the English language and contain substantially unique content and not already appear in the Aussiesrus Australia Directory.

  • Websites submitted for listings must be up and running 24/7 and must not be under construction and must support multiple browsers and versions and must not contain broken links.

  • Websites submitted for listings must display current business or owner contact details.

  • The name of a listing must be either the business name or domain name.

  • Members must use their business domain registered email accounts or website email contact address when proposing a new listing. Gmail, Yahoo mail and hotmail will not be accepted.

  • Listees are not to try to disguise the submission and submit the same url more than once.
    Example: http;// and http;//

  • Listees are not to attempt to submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.

  • There is no guarantee that membership or listing applications will be accepted.

  • One page landing sites will not be accepted.

  • Aussiesrus reserves the right to reject or remove any listing or membership application we deem unsuitable.

  • Only one FREE standard listing per website domain name URL is permissible.

  • Free listings must be placed in a locality/suburb category of the actual physical location of either the business address or website owner address. Failure to place your free listing submission into your locality will result in your listing being rejected and deleted without notification.

  • *Important* - Your Locality is determined by your postcode. Free listing submissions that are not placed in the correct locality according to their postcode will be rejected. You must place your free listing submission according to your business postcode.

  • Members shall not provide false or misleading information in their listing and are solely responsible for their listing and website content.

  • Providing false or misleading information or incomplete information will result in a rejected listing submission and/or rejected membership application.

  • Only registered purchasers of Listing/Advertising Services shall have the right to multi-list, multi-feature, feature-list or use the rotating graphic display system or use e-Sense ads according to package purchased.

  • Aussiesrus editors in their sole and final judgement shall determine the suitability and placement of listings and reserve the right to edit, delete or correct any listings in the directory.

  • No illicit or illegal or adult only content containing pornographic images or content unsuitable for public viewing will be accepted by Aussiesrus to be listed in this Directory. All listings are subject to approval by our administrative department.

  • Aussiesrus reserves the right to refuse or remove any person or persons registration, listing or listings or advertising product or products that contravene state or federal laws or Terms and Conditions without notification.

  • Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions will be cause to forfeit all listings, registration and any fees paid for Advertising or Listing Services will not be refunded.


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